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Astrology with Julie

My cosmic approach to life

Hey! I’m Julie (they/she). Welcome to Astrology with Julie! I’m psyched you’re here. I use astrology as a tool to help me practice acceptance, and live an intentional life filled to the brim with purpose and meaning. Want to join me?

Astrology with Julie gives you loads of astrology tips, free resources, and real life ways to work with the current astrology.

Latest posts

Aquarius season is brimming with excitement as the Sun and Pluto do a dance right into Aquarius season

Pluto cazimi zing, Aquarius season, and dun dun dun! Another visit of Pluto in Aquarius. This astrol…

Astrological season newsletter

Same newsletter about the astrological seasons, more content, different look and feel!

Capricorn season can help you get grounded and plan ahead

Capricorn season and Saturn nurture healthy boundaries that can help you stay resourced while method…

Embracing the dance of intuition

Navigating challenging decisions amidst logic and destiny

Full moon in Gemini reflection and recovery

Sometimes just feeling like you made it through the day is a victory, and that's okay.

Give me a hug under the Cancer full moon

And other thoughts on intuiting yours and others needs